Essential workflows and guidance documents

Here we provided detailed guidance for the use of technology to support the management or delivery of taught courses. These workflows include recommended approaches and should be used as part of your planning for deployment. They also provide guidance for day-to-day operations. How-to guides for the specific tools mentioned in these workflows are provided through our Guide Search.

The York Technology-Enhanced Learning Handbook has been designed to provide a structured way in to all our resources and should be the first place you look for pedagogical advice, recommended approaches to the use of the Yorkshare VLE and other learning technologies.

E-Learning Vision Statement

General guidance and policies

Assessment and feedback

Programme-level use of Yorkshare

This document presents an approach to using Yorkshare as the single point of information for your Department, replacing other intranet spaces.


There is detailed accessibility advice in the York TEL Handbook, in particular throughout Section 2. Module site design, structure and layout and Section 3. Creating resources. A summary of key accessibility guidelines provides technical considerations.

Accessibility guide for visually impaired students using Yorkshare on a Mac:

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