Replay Research Project

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Do you use the Replay lecture capture system? We need your input to help us understand the role of lecture recordings in your approach to studying

Thanks to those who took part. This research project is now in the write-up stage. For further details contact
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We are looking for at least 10 students the Department of Biology and 10 from the Department of Psychology who regularly use lecture recordings. As part of this project we would like you to keep a diary log of when you use Replay recordings and why, over a period of two weeks. A template is provided and it should require only one or two minutes to complete each time you view a lecture recording. Later in the term we will interview a selection of participants to help explore the issues raised in the diaries. This process will run twice, in Autumn Term (Psychology) and Spring Term (Biology/Psychology) of the 2014/15 academic year.

  • Replay diary completion (two weeks) – Ideally between Weeks 4 – 6
  • Interviews (30mins-1hr) – Time convenient to you Week 8 or 9 each term. £10 Amazon voucher for your time.

The research will contribute to our understanding of student study preferences with lecture recordings, and in turn help institutions in their decision-making over lecture recording provision and their pedagogical value.

All contributions will be presented anonymously in final reports and research outputs. The project also has approval of the Department of Psychology Ethics Committee and Department of Biology Ethics Committee.

Contact details

Project lead: Matt Cornock, E-learning Development Team, Academic Support Office.

Project champion: Rob Stone, Department of Psychology

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