PDLT face-to-face series

Our face-to-face series

  • We run a series of lunchtime Show and Tell events throughout the academic year. The sessions usually take the format of two or three presenters followed by the opportunity for questions and discussion.
  • We run user group forums or technology show cases for Padlet, Responseware, Replay and Collaborate.
  • Previous events (Show and Tell, Technology show cases, forums etc) are listed in the table below for easy review and access.

Previous events:

When Theme Presenters
Autumn 2019 Audio and Video Feedback
  • Bill Soden (Education),
  • Sally Quinn (Psychology).
Summer 2019 Innovating in assessment in the Arts and Humanities
  • Aimee Little (Archaeology),
  • Martin Suckling (Music),
  • Thomas Jochum-Critchley (Languages and Linguistic Sciences),
  • Nicoletta Asciuto, Deborah Russell (English and Related Literature),
  • James Boaden (History of Art)
Spring 2019 Knowing what they know
  • Sally Quinn (Psychology),
  • David Anderson (International Pathway College)
  • Benjamin Poore (Theatre, Film and Television)
Autumn 2018 Inclusive Practice
  • Emily Brunsden (Physics),
  • Mark Egan (The York Management School)
Summer 2018 Technology for large group teaching
  • Sally Quinn (Psychology),
  • Alex Gillett (The York Management School)
Autumn 2017 Use of technology to support the development of digital/employability skills
  • Susan Halfpenny (Info Services Teaching and Learning),
  • Jude Brereton (Electronics)
Summer 2017 Not another essay!?
  • Noel Jackson (Electronics),
  • Ursula Lanvers (Education)
Spring 2016 In-class polling with Responseware
  • Emma Rand (Biology),
  • Joe Fagan (Education)