Conferences & Presentations


Our team have presented at the following annual conferences and events.

ALTNE forum


Top tips for staff training #DigitalAccessibility (Google Slides)

Lilian Soon

2019 – Data, Dialogue, Doing

Facilitating peer-led group research through virtual collaboration spaces: a multi-year action research study

Richard Walker, Dr. Setarah Chong, Professor James Chong.

Fostering Effective Usage of Lecture Capture: A Longitudinal Study of Video Consumption Habits

James Youdale.

Building capacities to help students engage with their learning, Lilian Soon. [Google Slides]

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2018 – Critical Perspectives in Learning Technology

Changing the conversation around lecture capture: Supporting effective student engagement through active learning (ALT-C Page)

James Youdale & Richard Walker

2017 – Beyond islands of innovation

Facilitating student-led teaching and content creation through technology: Use cases, instructional design & delivery responsibilities (ALT-C Page).

Richard Walker & Wayne Britcliffe

2016 – Connect, Collaborate, Create

Strategies for supporting effective student engagement with lecture recordings.

Matt Cornock

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2015 – Shaping the Future of Learning Together

Engaging learners in computer-based summative exams: Reflections on a participant-informed assessment design.

Richard Walker & Zoe Handley

Students in the Feedback Loop. Cathy Dantec & Wayne Britcliffe

Give them what they want – developing a flexible anonymous assignment workflow to meet diverse needs

Simon Davis & Wayne Britcliffe

Justifying lecture capture: the importance of student experiences in understanding the value of learning technologies.

Matt Cornock

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2014 – Riding Giants: How to innovate and educate ahead of the wave

Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and other Giants. Supporting collaboration through technology; implications of student use and perceptions

Simon Davis

The Paperless Student: The impact of an intervention addressing digital study competencies

Matt Cornock & Blayn Parkinson

2013 – Building new cultures of learning

Building a community-informed framework for assuring quality in distance learning programmes

Richard Walker & Wayne Britcliffe

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2012 – A confrontation with reality

Sharing success factors for online independent learning activities

Simon Davis

Evaluating E-Learning Efficacy for blended learning courses : What’s Going On?

Wayne Britcliffe

2011 – Thriving in a colder and more challenging climate

Peer observation for distance learning e-tutors: Evaluation of a cross-programme trial scheme

Richard Walker and Kevin Hall

Set for success: Socialisation and E-learning Technology to facilitate first year transition

Simon Davis

Fostering academic skills development through anonline hub: An integrated approach to skills provision across the University of York

Wayne Britcliffe

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2010 – Into something rich and strange

No Problem: The Case for Supporting Active Learning through Technology

Julie Usher

Virtual Fieldwork for Sustainable Enhanced Student Learning

Simon Davis

Modes of Video Production and Delivery for Learning and Teaching

Wayne Britcliffe

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2009 – In Dreams Begins Responsibility

Comparing departmental ‘baseline’ and ‘opt-in’ strategies for e-learning adoption across an institution: which works best?

Richard Walker

Socialising learners through on-line induction: reflections on the transition to higher education

Richard Walker & Wayne Britcliffe

2008 – Rethinking the digital divide

Facilitating transitions from dependent into independent learning

Richard Walker, Wayne Britcliffe & Rose Papworth

2007 – Beyond Control: Learning Technology for the social network generation

Making wikis work: How do we create the conditions for effective collaborative learning?

Richard Walker & Wayne Britcliffe

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ALT Online Winter Conference


Showcasing the York TEL Handbook

Matt Cornock and Rosie Hare

ALT WRLT forum


Developing the Future Teacher – what’s worked (Google Slides)

Lilian Soon

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BETT- Technology in Higher Education

2015 – London

Enhancing the assessment experience through closer integration between the SRS and VLE

Richard Walker

Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference

2021 – Virtual

Pedagogical redesign during the pandemic: Using Collaborate to drive new modes of student engagement, featuring Prof Alistair Boxall (Env & Geo) and Sinéad McCotter (UYMS) as case studies (Google Slides)

Richard Walker and Amy Eyre

2019 – Northumbria

Encouraging the inquiring learner, from passive to active, featuring Mathilde Peron and Fiona Dickson as case studies (Google Slides)

Lilian Soon

2015 – Liverpool

Anonymous Assignments: Core product or Customisation?

Simon Davis

Anonymous Assignments Abstract (DOCX 20K)

Anonymous assignment PowerPoint Slides (PPTX 1.9MB)

2014 – Dublin

PROTEA: A Process for procuring accessible software

Helen Petrie and Richard Walker

Implementing Automated Testing – Working Smarter not Harder

Blayn Parkinson

2012 – Antwerp

Developing and delivering video feedback

Simon Davis

2011 – Leeds

Blended Learning Workshop: Strategies for assuring the quality of a blended course

Richard Walker

Managing increased demand by embracing ITIL principles

David Barrett

Develop your academic writing with Turnitin

Zoe Devlin & Clare Wiggins

2010 – Swansea

Blended Learning Workshop: Design Principles & Planning Tools

Richard Walker

Audio & Video Streaming: Supporting Student Skills Development

Wayne Britcliffe

2009 – Barcelona

Walking the Talk: Showcasing Best Practice Using Blackboard’s Community Engagement Tools

Richard Walker & Wayne Britcliffe

Biology Welcome: Induction and Orientation support module (poster)

Richard Walker & Wayne Britcliffe

2008 – Manchester

Setting Up Flexible Snapshot Processes using Role-based Access Control

Cathy Colless & Anthony Leonard

2006 – Edinburgh

Looking Under the Blackboard Bonnet with SQL

Cathy Colless

Strategies for the sustainable management of Learning and Teaching Objects using the Blackboard CMS (poster)

Wayne Britcliffe

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Blended Learning

2016 – London

Facilitating staff to design in active learning opportunities for students through the use of technology-enhanced learning tools.

Richard Walker

Active Learning PowerPoint Slides (PPTX 1.9MB)

British Council International Seminar

2016 – New Delhi, India

International Seminar on Teaching-Learning and New Technologies in Higher Education

Facilitating active learning opportunities for students through the use of technology-enhanced learning tools: the case for pedagogic innovation and change.

Richard Walker

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DEANZ Conference

2016 – University of Waikato, New Zealand

There and back: Charting flexible pathways in open, mobile and distance education.

Developing tutoring craft through cross-institutional peer exchange: Reflections on the inaugural Waikato-York programme

Richard Walker

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Durham Blackboard Users

2020 – Shifting Digital Accessibility Practice

The approach taken by the University of York will be presented as a case study, using Kotter’s (1996) eight-stage change process for discussion.

2017 – Ticked Off – Towards Better Assessment and Feedback

Context is Key: Strategies and Tools for Assessment and Feedback Wayne Britcliffe, Richard Walker and Amy Eyre

2016 – Learning from failure

Establishing high stakes computer-based testing through Blackboard

Richard Walker, Andy Parkinson

Is there a place for Blackboard Collaborate in blended learning design?

Matt Cornock

2014 – The Life of i

Automated Testing – Saving Time and Money

David Barrett, Blayn Parkinson

2013 – Make Do Or Spend?

Google Portfolios and Google Tools

Wayne Britcliffe

Content Collection Discussion: Strategies for managing content: where next with Blackboard’s content management system?

Richard Walker, Wayne Britcliffe & David Barrett

Over the shoulder 2.0: Options and opportunities for screencast production in learning and teaching

Simon Davis and Chris Millson

2012 – Knocking on An Open Door

Opening Up Support: A review of a re-development of the team’s support resources.

Chris Sparks & Simon Davis

2011 – Delivering transition support through the VLE

Overview of evaluation results from 22 transition sites from accross 13 departments.

Simon Davis

2010 – Anti? Social

Welcoming international students to YorkTransition of students to the HE and York academic culture

Katy Mann & Wayne Britcliffe

2009 – E-Learning: A Reality Check

Implementing an Online University-Wide Solution to Plagiarism Awareness

Richard Walker, Wayne Britcliffe & Rose Papworth

Facilitating Student Transition to the University of York

Richard Walker, Wayne Britcliffe & Rose Papworth

Blogging and Collaborative Activity Design: Applying Laurillard’s Conversational Framework to Blended Learning

Rose Papworth, Richard Walker & Wayne Britcliffe

2007 – Connectivism: joined-up learning

Collaborative report writing: Bridging the divide between formal and informal learning

Richard Walker & Wayne Britcliffe

Walking the Talk Building a Support Site with Community System Tools

Cathy Colless, Wayne Britcliffe & Wendy Fountain

Using Snapshot to Manage Enrolments for Sites with Non-Traditional Enrolment Criteria

Cathy Colless & Anthony Leonard

2006 – The Power of 2

Playing Leapfrog: Supporting collaboration with wikis and blogs in entry level VLE projects

Wendy Fountain, Wayne Britcliffe & Cathy Colless

Rethinking Group Tools

Cathy Colless

2005 – In front of the Blackboard: The Learner’s Experience

Reflections on CMS Deployment at the University of York

Richard Walker

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Elearning in HE Symposia


Academics as Film Makers: Pedagogies and Support

Wayne Britcliffe & Simon Davis


Effecting institutional change through the evaluation of e-learning

Richard Walker & Rose Papworth

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Future Teacher Conferences


9 Jan 2019 conference at University of York.

23 May 2019, Brussels conference

Global Education and E-Learning


Bridging the digital divide: academic skills and digital literacies to support ‘Generation C’ learners

Richard Walker

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Higher York E-Learning Conference (HYeLN)


Encouraging use of digital resources: responding to student feedback about problems of reading on screen

Matt Cornock & Blayn Parkinson


Winning with wikis and blogs: Models for effective delivery of student online activities

Wayne Britcliffe & Simon Davis

Getting Used to studying at York

Katy Mann

Developing academic writing with Turnitin (Interactive Poster)

Zoë Devlin

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Inside Government

2014 – London – Enhancing the Standards and Quality of UK Postgraduate Education

Developing Distance and e-Learning Courses in Postgraduate Education at the University of York

Richard Walker

2013 – London

The Role of Mobile Technology in Improving Staff and Student Experience in Higher Education

Richard Walker

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Learning from Digital Examinations

2018 – London

Establishing high stakes computer-based testing through Blackboard as a supported service: an institutional perspective on challenges and lessons learned.

Richard Walker

Loughborough Lecture Capture

2014 – Building the Evidence Base

Why do students use lecture capture?

Matt Cornock, Richard Walker

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Networked Learning

2012 – Maastricht

Blended problem-based learning: Designing collaboration opportunities for unguided group research through the use of Web 2.0 tools

Richard Walker


2007 – Researching eLearning for Innovation and Development

Case Study Methodology & e-Learning: Reflections on Evaluation Activities for Blended Modules

Richard Walker & Wendy Fountain

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Transforming Assessment


Transforming Assessment webinar series, 2nd March 2016

Designing for learner engagement with computer-based summative exams.

Richard Walker & Zoe Handley

UCISA Events


How are students engaging with lecture recordings as a study resource? Key findings from a 4-year research study at the University of York.

Richard Walker & James Youdale

Delivered at the UCISA Digital Education Group event Beyond lecture capture: enhancing the student experience on 14th June 2018. Woburn House, London.

Viral training: Encouraging trainees to become trainers with reusable training resources.

Simon Davis & Wayne Britcliffe

Delivered at the UCISA Changing Landscapes event 13 Feb 2014, Sheffield.

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