York TEL Handbook Features

Using the York TEL Handbook

Computer screen, keyboard and mouse in a teaching room

The York Technology-Enhanced Learning Handbook supports both sequential viewing of pages, using the link present on the bottom of each page, or selective browsing using the left menu present on each page of the Handbook. The York TEL Handbook Index also lists every page available.



Throughout the handbook there are screenshots that you can click to view the full-size version.

Beyond the baseline

Summaries of approaches that take use of technology-enhanced learning to the next level.

Case studies

Exploration of practice at York. See our Case Studies index.

Check lists

These are provided at the top of each section as summaries of the considerations for programme, module and activity development.

Developing practice

Detailed guidance beyond baseline use, improving your professional practice or enhancing student learning.


Examples from practice or illustrative templates.


Links to ELDT guides, Blackboard guides and YouTube videos. See our Guides index.

Online interventions

Detailed walk-throughs of approaches to using technology-enhanced learning. See our Online Interventions index.

York Pedagogy

Title pages for each section include concepts from the York Pedagogy that link to the contents of that section. These overviews will be enhanced as further guidance on the York Pedagogy is developed.


Links that break the sequential flow of the Handbook will open in a new window.

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