York TEL Handbook: 7. Evaluation and development

Numerical gauge

7. Evaluation and development

This section of the handbook details the role of evaluation in development of technology-enhanced learning and evaluation methods to use. This section concludes by encouraging you to share your evaluation as a case study with the wider York teaching community or more formally as a conference presentation or journal article.

In this section

  1. Reasons to evaluate technology-enhanced learning
  2. Evaluating your use of technology-enhanced learning
  3. Evaluation methods
  4. Planning for evaluation
  5. Interpreting evaluation data
  6. Evaluation as a professional development

The text from this section is also available as a downloadable PDF, however embedded videos and other resources are only available online:

Quick checklist

Use this checklist to guide your practice in evaluation and development. If any of the items in the checklist are new to you, review the pages in this section of the Handbook.

York pedagogy

This section provides advice to support the following elements of the York Pedagogy:

  • We will apply the best evidence on effective teaching and learning to define our institution’s learning culture and set expectations for our programmes

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