6.8.4 Feedback dialogue

Feedback dialogue

Key Concept: Online tools support a feedback dialogue, supporting students in a clear and focused way.

You may decide to choose an assessment tool that supports feedback dialogue, allowing students to respond to the feedback either directly to the lecturer or as a reflective statement. Tools that are equipped with commenting are the obvious candidates, however you will not receive email alerts when comments are added. The way comments are used must be clearly established with the students if you intend to use the comment feature for dialogue, for example specifying that comments will only be reviewed once on a specific date.

Establishing feedback activities

For longer-term dialogue, the Yorkshare Journal tool (a private blog space) could be created for the student and supervisor to discuss the students’ work across modules. Again, there is a disadvantage that email alerts are not possible, therefore structuring this activity around the face-to-face supervision may be most useful.

For synchronous discussion, you can use Collaborate to view documents on each others’ screens. This may be particularly useful in group situations, reviewing feedback from a presentation for example students could get together remotely and consider how future work in the group could be developed.