6.8.3 Summative feedback

Summative feedback

When using the anonymous assignment submission tool for summative work (where students submit using exam numbers), the type of feedback is dependent on the file format students submit with.

Annotated student work using Word or PDF

Applies to .docx, PDF and other file types that can be annotated and returned to students. The process involves an administrator downloading the work and distributing it to markers. Markers then annotate the work and send it back to the administrator. The administrator then sends the work back to students via e:vision.

Annotated student work using Google Drive

Applies only to .docx. This form of marking and feedback is similar to the above, except that instead of using Word, downloaded submissions are then distributed to markers using Google Drive. The files are opened using Google Drive, marked and annotated after conversion to Google Docs. The assessment administrator then downloads the Google Docs as .docx files for sending back to students. This process is useful for marking using tablets and other devices that have the Google Docs app.

Files are sometimes renamed when downloading from Google Drive or opening on an iPad. Tilde (~) and hash (#) characters can sometimes been changed for underscores (_) and this will cause problems when using the automated mechanism for sending feedback to students. Contact the ELDT for advice if you note files are renamed vle-support@york.ac.uk.

Feedback forms

The Anonymous Assignment tool can populate copies of a feedback template with the examination numbers for students on a module and naming the files in an appropriate format for returning to students via e:vision. This is a useful way to create anonymous marking matrices for both online and offline assessments and doesn’t require the student to attach a form onto their work.