6.8.1 Formative feedback (written)

Formative feedback

Key Concept: Formative assessment offers a clear opportunity for feedback and enables students to learn through the process of assessment

What form of feedback you wish to provide on written work will influence your choice of assignment submission tool. In particular, some tools only allow for ‘summary’ feedback whereas others will permit ‘in-line’ feedback either through commenting or inserting text into the students’ work.

Written feedback

Standard assignment submission

The webinar below provides an overview of the Standard Assignment Tool and how it can be used for marking and feedback.

The Standard Assignment Submission point in Yorkshare has four forms of feedback available:

  • Annotated work online using the inline grading feature called Boxview.
  • Summary feedback.
  • Rubrics (marking matrix).
  • Uploading a file attachment, for example annotated work or a video file.

See all guides relating to Standard Assignment Submission for further details.

Online interventions

E-Learning Walkthrough

Formative online feedback

Formative online feedback
On-line tools can be especially effective for both actively and/or passively providing formative feedback on a student’s self-study activities.

Yorkshare collaborative tools

For Yorkshare Blogs and Wikis, use the comment tool beneath the students’ posts. For Yorkshare Discussion Boards, you will be able to reply directly to individual posts.

With Yorkshare Wikis you can also edit the wiki page itself, inserting in-line comments using a different colour. You should also prefix your insertions to make it clear where you have edited the page.

You can link to video feedback by providing a web link in discussion board posts. Comments on Blogs and Wikis will not convert a URL to a link, however students could copy and paste into their browser.

Grade Centre columns

Where an assignment is not digitally submitted, for example a presentation or assessed practical, you can still deliver feedback digitally through Yorkshare. The Grade Centre can be used to issue feedback to students by creating a column for an off-line assignment. You can provide feedback as a summary text entry, mark, attached file or using a rubric (marking matrix). Students collect their feedback through the My Grades tool (this needs to be enabled within your Yorkshare module site first).

Google Sites

These can be marked using the commenting feature, as long as this has been enabled on each page on the Google Site. Else, if the marker is an editor of the site they can insert in-line feedback on each page. You should prefix your insertions and use a different colour to make it clear where you have edited the page.

Alternatively, you can treat this as an off-line assessment, using a marking rubric and the Grade Centre.