6.8 Forms of feedback

Forms of feedback

Key Concept: The mode of feedback will depend upon how the feedback should be taken forward into subsequent work.

The following pages describe the different forms of feedback that can be delivered using supported technologies. In addition to the feedback types covered here, you may also wish to consider giving feedback during face-to-face teaching sessions or supervision, including remote supervision. As part of the instructions of an assessment task, ensure that you specify when feedback will be delivered and in what form.

Issuing feedback to students is only one half of the learning process, so you should also consider how students will use and interpret the feedback. You may wish to consider closing the feedback loop with office hours, an online webinar or subsequent learning activity such as a learning log which requires students to reflect on their feedback and how they will apply it to future work.

Principles of good feedback

Our blog post on Feedback Tools and Techniques points out the value of technology to support learning through assessment feedback. Some of the key principles for effective feedback are:

  1. Clarify what good performance is (goals, criteria, standards).
  2. Deliver high quality feedback that helps learners self-correct.
  3. Provide opportunities to act on feedback.
  4. Encourage interaction or dialogue.
  5. Develop self assessment and reflection.
  6. Provide information that teachers can use to help shape their teaching.
  7. Encourage positive motivational beliefs and self esteem.

Adapted from the REAP project on assessment and feedback.

Students in the feedback loop

Case study

E-Learning Walkthrough

Designing in feedback

Structuring activites to help internalise students’ change in thinking required for progression
Cathy Dantec, Language and Linguistic Science
View Case Study

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