6.5 E-Portfolios


Key Concept: Portfolios and public blogs showcase practice over time and curation of exemplar resources.

E-portfolios allow submissions to be created over an extended period of time, utilising a range of submission formats. They are particularly useful for structured reflective assignments, placements and projects. Portfolios may be free-form, or more commonly use a template that provides a scaffold for students to complete.

The supported approach to e-portfolios is using Google Drive.

E-portfolio submission

The general workflow for e-portfolio submission is:

  1. Create a template for the site and share it to the University within Google Sites.
  2. Students copy the template and create their portfolio within their own Google Site.
  3. Students share the site with the lecturer (non-anonymous) or assessment administrator (anonymous).
  4. On the deadline, the site ownership is transferred to the lecturer or assessment administrator and the students’ editing access is revoked.
  5. Marking and feedback commences as per departmental guidance.

Online interventions

E-Learning Walkthrough


Commonly used to support evidence collection that demonstrate a student’s learning and personal / professional development.

Further guidance

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