6.3.6 Formative work – audio/video submission

Audio/video submission

Key Concept: Audio and video submissions can be used to develop capabilities in communicating to an audience.

The Replay Panopto system can be used for students to submit audio or video files for the lecturer to view online. Assignment Folders can be added to existing Replay Folders (for example if you are using the lecture capture service) or created specifically for a module task (request a Folder). When students upload to Replay using Assignment Folders, only the student and the lecturer can view the uploaded media resource. The uploaded audio/video can later be shared with the rest of the group if required.

YouTube can also be used, particularly if students are creating resources for public viewing. See suggestions in 6.3.3 Digital visual presentations for how students can create a range of online media that can be uploaded to either Replay or YouTube.

Feedback opportunity with Replay

Whilst watching the uploaded audio/video, the lecturer can add feedback to the student using the Discussion tool within the Panopto player. The Discussion comments act as bookmarks for various points in the video, making them useful forms of feedback for practice learning linking the comment to the specific activity captured on video. As an example, a student may be performing a particular lab task or demonstrating communication skills. At the point in the video where feedback is required, the lecturer would add a comment using the Discussion tool. The student would be able to click on the feedback and would be taken to that point in the video.

See this example (click the Discussion tab on the left to view where feedback would show):

Audio/Video Feedback - Replay Panopto. Click to view Feedback added to student's video on Replay

Note that as soon as you post a discussion comment it is available to all viewers. If you intend to share the video with the whole group later, you will need to make a copy to avoid the discussion posts (feedback) being shared to all students.