6.3.2 Formative work – group assignments

Group assignments

Key Concept: Utilise learning technologies to allow groups to submit work and receive feedback together.

Similar to the written assignment submission options, students can work in groups to submit work using the following tools, however configured to allow students to work collaboratively and submit on behalf of a group.

It is not recommended that you accept work by email as there is no audit trail and it can be difficult to manage large groups.

Group presentations can be recorded using the Replay Panopto system.

Group assignment submission

The Yorkshare Standard Assignment Tool can be configured to allow any student within a group to submit work on behalf of the group. In order for this to work, you will need to set up Groups within your Yorkshare VLE module site. Students are allocated to a VLE Group which represents their working group. If a student moves between groups, the VLE Groups would also need updating.

The Yorkshare Blog tool can similarly be configured based upon Groups within your Yorkshare VLE module site. Each Group has a dedicated blog. All blogs are visible by all students on the VLE site, but only students within a Group can post to their own blog space. This is useful for students to record progress during group projects, using the blog space to submit milestone outputs for the lecturer to review or group presentation slides.

Google Docs may be used in two ways:

  1. The lecturer would create a Google Doc per group, then to add students as editors to their group’s document on using the Sharing settings for the Google Doc. At the point of marking, the lecturer would remove editing rights from the students, leaving viewing rights so they can access feedback comments on the document.
  2. A student would create a Google Doc then add their fellow group members on using the Sharing settings for the Google Doc. At the point of submission, the ownership of the document would be transferred to the lecturer and students in the group would need to be changed from editing to viewing access.

Other Google formats can also be used in this way, such as Sheets (spreadsheets), Slides (presentations) and Sites (websites or portfolios).

Workflow for Group Standard Assignment

  1. Create Groups for your Yorkshare VLE module site for each student group and check students are on the right groups.
  2. Create a Standard Assignment Submission Point for Group Submission.
  3. Add instructions for students to submit.
  4. Access work via the Grade Centre in your Yorkshare VLE module site, marking online if appropriate or entering marks into the Grade Centre.
  5. Create Announcement when marking completed to notify feedback can be collected.
  6. Students directed to collect their feedback by re-entering the submission point or via My Grades (if set up).


Group presentations

The above approaches can be used by students to submit presentation slides or supporting documentation (for example reference lists). Lecturers could then use the feedback mechanisms associated with the submission tool to provide feedback on presentations.

Alternatively, Replay Lecture Capture can be used to record the presentation (slides+audio). Feedback can then be provided within the Replay Panopto system using the Discussion tool (see 6.3.6 Formative work – audio/video submission). Captures will need editing down so that each group has their own capture. The captures will need storing in a Folder configured so that only the users specifically added to the capture can view their group recording, to prevent the whole cohort viewing each others’ presentations. To add the specific students for each recording go to the Sharing settings for the capture.

If you wish to use slides+audio+camera, for example to aid students’ performance skills, P/L/001 and P/L/002 can be used with the Replay+ Camera Capture system. Alternatively, with adequate notice, we can support some rooms with webcams (see guide below) or you can use the Replay ‘At-Desk’ Recorder on a laptop with a webcam attached.