York TEL Handbook: 6. Assessment and feedback

Notepad and pen

6. Assessment and feedback

This section provides guidance to formative and summative assessment approaches using Yorkshare and supported assessment tools. Whilst activities from Sections 4 and 5 may also form components of assessments, this section focuses on the policy, practicalities of implementing online assessment and considerations over marking and feedback.

Where your department is adopting e-assignment (online anonymous submission of summative work and return of feedback and marks via e:vision), please consult with your assessment administrators about how e-assignment has been deployed.

In this section

  1. Digital assessment
  2. Required elements and assessment administration
  3. Formative assessment
  4. Summative anonymous assessment
  5. E-Portfolios
  6. Online formal examinations
  7. Marking digitally
  8. Forms of feedback
  9. Evaluating the assessment process

The text from this section is also available as a downloadable PDF, however embedded videos and other resources are only available online:

Quick checklist

Use this checklist to guide your practice in assessment and feedback using learning technologies. If any of the items in the checklist are new to you, review the pages in this section of the Handbook.

York pedagogy

This section provides advice to support the following elements of the York Pedagogy:

  • Students will understand the work they are expected to do and how that work will contribute to the achievement of the programme objectives.
  • Students will receive the guidance, support and feedback they need to make progress, and they will understand what they can expect from the University in support of their learning.

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