5.4 After the activity

After the activity

Key Concept: Set a defined end to the online task.

Bringing meaning to outputs


Providing a summary of an online discussion or key components of online contributions will highlight how far an individual or group as met the intended learning outcomes. The summary may highlight areas for further discussion, gaps in understanding or signal the closure of the activity in order to move onto the next. Approaches to ‘weaving and summarising’ suggested by Jacques and Salmon (2007, p.190) include:

  • Thanking and praising participants who contributed.
  • Highlight new takes on topics, diversity of perspectives.
  • Reiterate significant learning points.
  • Suggest follow-up questions or further reading.
  • Link to subsequent learning activities.

Linking online outputs to face-to-face activities

The following case studies show how the online and face-to-face activities have been linked. Three approaches are shown:

  • Use of online resources and assessment prior to practical work.
  • Collaborative creation of an online textbook learning resource for subsequent use during revision.
  • Structured online activities feeding into presentations and feedback.

Case studies

Example Chemistry YouTube Video

Ensuring essential prior knowledge for lab work

Use of YouTube videos and a compulsory quiz
Dr Nigel Lowe, Chemistry
View Lab Prep Case Study

Example Psychology Wiki

Supporting time on task and deeper learning

Use of Yorkshare Wiki/Google Sites to consolidate learning
Dr Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer, Psychology
View Online Textbook Case Study

Example Sociology Task

Collaborative data-driven activities

Use of YouTube videos and a compulsory quiz
Dr Merran Toerien, Professor Paul Drew, Sociology
View Data Analysis Case Study

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