Yorkshare Wiki

Yorkshare Wiki

Wikis are collaborative spaces for both staff and students. They can be set up for individuals, groups or entire cohorts and you can control editing and commenting rights. It is possible to look at wiki page histories and contribution statistics for tracking engagement, as well as setting up wikis that can be graded. Wikipedia is the biggest wiki on the web and is an example of what can be achieved through collaborative online working. The Yorkshare Wiki tool is not as advanced as other, third party wiki tools but is great for group work that needs to be contained within a Yorkshare module site.

Online interventions

E-Learning Walkthrough


Student Collaboration
Using wikis to create a shared resource


Staff Guides

Student Guides

Case studies

E-Learning Walkthrough

Support ‘time on task’ and deeper learning

Creating an ‘online textbook’ using the Yorkshare Wiki tool.
Dr Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer, Psychology
View Case Study

E-Learning Walkthrough

Online support for dissertations

Using a wiki to create a ‘Dissertation Clinic’ for students.
Dr Mark Roodhouse, History
View Case Study

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