Yorkshare Quizzes

Yorkshare Quizzes

Yorkshare has a quiz tool that allows you to create tests to build interactivity into your module and allow students to test their knowledge on a particular topic. You can create self-marking quizzes with question types such as multiple choice and fill in the blanks or you can set quizzes that require longer, typed answers that can be marked by tutors or a mixture of question types.

Writing Questions

This is a wealth of material online and in textbooks that advise on how questions should be written. The following links provide a quick-start overview that focus on developing questions for higher-order learning (application, interpretation and evaluation) rather than factual recall.

Within the institution quizzes have been used in a number of departments. Our case studies show how the quiz tool has been used to enable informal learning and as part of formative work:

Accessibility Consideration

The Yorkshare test tools allow for time restrictions and forced completion. These settings require a user to complete the test in one sitting and within a specific amount of time. Note that if a student is using assistive technology, such as a screen-reader, or is dyslexic, then these settings may introduce a barrier to their independent participation in the activity. Where possible, do not use these restrictions for the test tool. Time and forced completion should be academically justifiable and with appropriate support provision in place for students who require it.

Yorkshare Surveys

The Yorkshare test tool can also be used to create surveys. Surveys differ from tests in that they are not graded and all submissions made are anonymous. You still have access via the Grade Centre to check if a student has completed a survey and to see aggregate results for each survey question – Learn more about survey results here [help.blackboard.com]

To create a survey rather than a test, either:

  • From within a content area (with edit mode on) select Assessments > Survey or
  • From the Control Panel select Course Tools > Test, Surveys and Pools > Surveys

VLE Exam

The same Yorkshare test tools have been used for controlled summative assessments in the Department of Education, with exams being taken in a ‘locked down’ version of the VLE with many of the questions set up with automated marking to reduce the turnaround time between the original assessment and feedback being released to students. See Section 6.6 of the TEL Handbook to learn more.

Online interventions

E-Learning Walkthrough

Online tests

Online tests
Designing tests for student self-assessment


Building tests and surveys

Viewing results

Troubleshooting tests

Student guides

Case studies

E-Learning Walkthrough

VLE Exam

VLE Exam for summative assessment.
Dr Zoey Handley, Education
View Case Study

E-Learning Walkthrough

Self-marking tests

Developing core skills with self assessment and formative feedback.
Dr Sam Hellmuth, Language and Linguistic Science
View Case Study

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