Yorkshare Discussion Board

Yorkshare Discussion Board

Discussion forums can be used for general FAQs or directed discussion activities to support face-to-face learning. If you are teaching via distance learning, the discussion board could be used to form a large part of the interaction between tutors and students.

Yorkshare Discussion Boards are made up of four elements:

The discussion board contains discussion forums which contain threads which contain posts.

  1. The Discussion Board itself is the holding area for a set of forums (typically one discussion board contains all forums on the course).
  2. The Discussion Forums are containers which collect together a series of conversations (“threads”) with a shared theme.
  3. A Thread is a single conversation on a particular topic.
  4. A Post is an individual unit of conversation. Students (and staff) can reply to others’ posts, creating a continuing conversation (a “thread”).

Image displaying the heirarchy of a discussion board: at the top, the discussion board. Below the discussion board, the forums. Below the forums, threads. Below the threads, posts.

For further information on using forums within the Discussion Board please see the following video. This video is aimed at students but is also a good all-round introduction to the Discussion Board tool:


Staff Guides

Student Guides

Teaching staff can provide links to these student guides within their VLE site or show them in class:

Online interventions

E-Learning Walkthrough

Blogs and Discussion Boards

Continuing the Seminar Discussion
Facilitating students’ ongoing discussion and reflection using blogs or discussion boards.

Case studies

E-Learning Walkthrough

Student engagement and communication through discussion boards

Using online discussions for questions and follow-up discussions after lectures
Dr Mark Coles, Biology
View Case Study

E-Learning Walkthrough

Discussion and debate to encourage critical evaluation

Examples from departments who used discussion boards to facilitate critical, evaluative discussions.
Departments of Biology, Archaeology and Health Sciences
View Case Study

E-Learning Walkthrough

Discussion forums for group work

Short case study from Biology who used group discussion forums for assessed group work.
Department of Biology
View Case Study

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