Yorkshare Blogs and Journals

Yorkshare Blogs and Journals

Blogs and journals can be group or private spaces for instructors and students to reflect and share resources. The interface of these tools is the same, except blogs are visible to all users on a module by default and are generally used for group activities and discussion, whereas journals are private by default and can be used for more reflective writing that is seen only by the tutor and individual student. Students and instructors can use the comments function to provide feedback on posts and blogs and journals can be marked via the Grade Centre. The guides below explain how to set up a blog or a journal within your module site.

Online interventions

E-Learning Walkthrough


Continuing the Seminar Discussion
Facilitating students’ ongoing discussion and reflection using blogs

E-Learning Walkthrough


Private reflections
Using the Journal tool to provide a private space for student reflection.


Staff Guides

Student Guides

Teaching staff can provide links to these student guides within their VLE site or show the videos in class.

Case studies

E-Learning Walkthrough

Using Blogs

Using blogs for student reflection, content generation and just-in-time feedback
Dr Graham Low, Education
View Case Study

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