WordPress is an unsupported, third-party tool which can be used to create blogs, portfolios and websites. WordPress is useful if you want students to create a public-facing online output. As the platform can be used as a structured website and/or as a blog comprising time-based posts, WordPress can be used for:

  • Reporting on progress of a project
  • Public diaries and learning journals
  • Curation and sequencing online resources
  • Campaigns
  • Resources to continue being used after graduation

A free WordPress account is required to set up a site and contributors will also need their own WordPress account. This website (the ELDT site) runs using the free version of WordPress at wordpress.com.

WordPress is an unsupported tool so be sure to note our guidance on the usage of unsupported tools before use. Alternatives to WordPress, supported by IT Services, include Blogger and Google Sites.


Case studies

Wordpress Example - English

Supporting Student Development with Public Blogging

Embedding social media and blogging skills into the degree programme
Emily Bowles, English and Related Literature
View English Case Study
View English Students’ WordPress Site

Wordpress Example - Archaeology

Lights, Cameras, Heritage!

Use of Blogger/Wordpress to curate project resources
Dr Sara Perry, Archaeology
View Archaeology Case Study
View Archaeology Students’ WordPress Site

Wordpress Example - Social Work Placement

Social Work Placement

Each year a small group of students on the Social Work programme go on placement abroad and report their experiences on this site. WordPress was chosen for its ability to handle images, mobile app to allow contributions without the need for a computer and categorisation options to link posts to individual students and organisations. Students were given technical guidance and also guidance on writing for a public blog about their professional experiences.
Department of Social Policy and Social Work
Social Work Placement WordPress Site

Wordpress Example: Reading on Screen

Reading on Screen

The search functionality built into the site and the navigation elements using the menu at the top of the page were the main reasons why WordPress was chosen.
Matt Cornock, Blayn Parkinson
Reading on Screen WordPress Site