QR Codes and URL shorteners

QR codes

QR codes, like the one to the right, are like bar codes that contain information or a link to a website.

Most up-to-date smartphones will allow you to scan the QR code simply by pointing your phone camera at it.  

Android phones may require a QR Code App you can download from the Google Play store. (Most of these have some ads so be careful not to click the ads while using the app.)

(Please note that such apps and QR codes generators are third party tools not supported by the University. Please read the page on third party tools and consult us if unsure.)

Try scanning now using the QR code on the page. You should see something similar to the screenshot below on your phone. Move your phone towards or away from the screen as this can help your camera to detect the QR code.

QR code scanning on an iphone

(If your phone can’t detect the QR code, you may need to download a QR code app for your phone.)

Select the notification to open the link in your phone’s web browser. In this case, the link should take you to a QR code generator website.

In Android apps, you may have to select to open the link in a browser.

Create your own QR code

To create your own QR code, search on the web for a QR code generator or go to https://www.qr-code-generator.com.

Paste in the URL of the website you want to send your students to and select ‘Create QR code’.

Download the QR code to use in your presentations or handouts. You could also use snipping tool on your computer to capture the QR code and paste it in your resource.

What the students do

Your students use their mobile device to scan the QR code to access the web site you would like them to use. Your students only need to use the QR code once to get to your link on their phone.

They can then save the link on their mobile phone so they can get to it easily. For instance, if students need to get to Responseware in every lecture , they can store the link on their phone:

On an iphone, select the share upload icon icon and then select Add to Home Screen.

 What to do if students don’t have QR readers – URL shorteners

If your students don’t have QR readers on their phones, they can still get to a website by typing in the URL. The key is to ensure the URL is easy to type. You can create a short URL for any website by using a URL shortener tool like http://bit.ly. Again, note that this is an unsupported third party tool.

  1. Copy the URL that you wish to shorten and provide to your students.
  2. After signing up to bit.ly, select the Create button and paste the URL.
  3. bit.ly customise screenshotA short URL will be generated but you can customise this by typing over the characters after bit.ly/.
  4. You can then ensure the short URL is on your presentations, allowing learners to easily copy by hand or type into a browser.