Prezi is a web-based tool for creating visually stimulating presentations that are different to the traditional ‘slide’ format of tools such as PowerPoint. There is an app for iOS and Android, so you can create presentations and sync them to all of your devices and you are also able to add other editors to your presentation to work collaboratively. Our team have used Prezi as part of our ‘Getting Started’ resources to organise our videos in a visual way and the Information Directorate have also used Prezi to introduce students to the library (see below). It is a third-party tool, so you would need to sign up but there are some extra features available on the free version for those who sign up with a ‘’ email address.

Prezi is an unsupported tool so be sure to note our guidance on the usage of unsupported tools before use.


Link to the E-Learning Development Team's Getting Started Prezi

Click on the image to view the Prezi


Link to the Information Directorate Interactive Library Map Prezi

Click on the image to view the Prezi


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