Recent blog post about the Padlet User Group Forum on 5 Dec, 2019, with recordings showcasing good practice.

Screenshot of Padlet

Padlet is an online collaborative tool that acts as a virtual noticeboard for sharing a variety of content. Padlet boards can be used as a way to gather together thoughts and ideas in a lecture with students using their own devices, or they could be used as an online activity to support independent study.

Students can contribute to a Padlet created by a tutor without needing to register as long as they have a link to it. It is possible to password protect your Padlet so only those who know the password can see it and contribute. Padlets can also be embedded into Yorkshare module sites. Consider carefully how you will

  • archive or retain Padlets if they are key to the course experience.
  • respond to inappropriate posts.
  • communicate responsible behaviour to your learners.

Be sure to only use non-sensitive (ie. non-personal, non-confidential) data within Padlet that will cause no issue if breached or lost:

To use the University’s licenced Padlet account, go to and login with your University Google account. This allows you to create unlimited Padlets.

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