MentiMeter is a fully web-based Electronic Voting System that operates within the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ model of polling. Participants can respond to polls using their smartphones, laptops or tablets by entering a dynamically-generated ‘session code’ at

Whereas TurningPoint ResponseWare can be deployed entirely within PowerPoint Slides, MentiMeter is a web browser-based technology. As such, when conducting polling using MentiMeter, an instructor may wish to switch between PowerPoint Slides and a Web Browser in order to encompass in-class engagement activities.

MentiMeter offers many of the same question types as ResponseWare, but has limitations on the length of questions and the number of questions that can be created by a non-premium user. University of York users may register a free account using the ‘Sign in With Google’ option – but priced, individual licenses are available, and are required to access certain features that are restricted for paid-plans.

MentiMeter is a third-party, unsupported tool so be sure to note our guidance on the usage of unsupported tools before use.

Introduction to MentiMeter (Third-Party Video)

Third-Party Guidance

MentiMeter Guidance [External Web Link]