Mentimeter is the centrally-supported web-based Electronic Voting System. It can be used by staff and students to add interactivity to presentations, allowing you to display a range of question types in your browser. Participants can respond to these questions using their smartphones, laptops or tablets by entering a dynamically-generated ‘session code’ at You can then access or share these responses during and after the presentation. Please see the following link for information on how to create and use your unlimited University Mentimeter licence and see below for guidance on how to create and share questions in Mentimeter.

Getting started

Mentimeter’s own help pages are very comprehensive and well categorised, and individual guides contain step-by step instructions with screenshots and/or video walkthroughs. Key steps in using Mentimeter with links to guides and any York-specific elements are as follows:


The Mentimeter dashboard | Using folders

Creating questions:

Students select from options presented to them: Multiple choice questions and rating scales.

If you would like to use a University of York theme for your Mentimeter slides you can do so by selecting ‘Themes’ at the top of the presentation editing interface.

Then select one of the two University of York themes. ‘Light’ has a white background with dark text and graphical elements. ‘Dark’ has a grey background with light text and graphical elements. Both have been designed for high contrast whilst incorporating the University logo and colour schemes.

Deploying your questions

The following link provides guidance on how to share your Mentimeter presentation during a session so that students can take part.

Please note that although Mentimeter makes a Powerpoint plug in available to allow it to be used from within a PowerPoint presentation, this is not supported at the University due to various technical issues. Instead, staff can switch between PowerPoint and an internet browser to show the Mentimeter poll and results.

The following link provides guidance on how to display or link to the live results of your presentation.

You can also change your Mentimeter presentation settings to allow students to respond to questions in their own time and at their own pace. This is useful if you would like to embed a presentation in the VLE for use between sessions or if you would like to allow students to work through questions at their own pace rather than in lockstep during a live session.


Mentimeter have published the following accessibility statement incorporating an analysis of how the tool meets the standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It applies to the voting site ‘’ rather than the editing interface on ‘’. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the accessibility of Mentimeter further.