Google Sites

Google Sites

With Google Sites you can create simple websites for collaborative creative projects or online portfolios for groups or individuals. Students’ editing rights to portfolios can be automatically removed after a deadline if used for e-portfolios. The IT Services Google Apps learning resources site (link below) is created with Google Sites and serves as a good example of the type of thing you could create.

Online interventions

E-Learning Walkthrough


Using Google Site templates for e-portfolios


Case studies

The video below was made by Tom Smith in IT Services

The Psychology department started off using the Yorkshare wiki tool to get students working collaboratively to create a shared ‘online textbook’ for the class. However, they now follow the same process using a Google Site instead, so this case study is an example of the type of activity Google Sites could be used for.

E-Learning Walkthrough

Support ‘Time on Task’ and deeper learning

Using wikis and Google Sites to produce a collaborative online textbook
Dr Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer, Psychology
View Case Study


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