Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides

Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides

All University of York users have access to Google Apps for Education, which includes Google Drive and tools such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides (the Google equivalent of Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Documents created in Google Drive are stored entirely online and can be shared with others for collaborative editing. Google Drive is also available as an iOS and Android app so can be used on phones and tablets. The IT Services team have good Google Apps skills guides deliver training on a number of Google Apps through their Digital Wednesday sessions. We can strongly recommend attending one of these sessions if you’re new to using Google tools or requesting a consultation with one of their team.

If you’re already familiar with Google tools but want to find out how you can use them more as part of your teaching, or have an idea you’d like to try but need some assistance, please get in touch at Read the vignettes below for some ideas.



Google documents can be added to Yorkshare sites to increase interactivity or to reduce time in adding resources to the Yorkshare site:

IPC Student Support use Google Forms embedded into their vle sites to encourage students to submit their event ideas.

Example of embedded Google Form asking for suggestions for a social event.

Example of Google Form embedded into Yorkshare to encourage students to provide suggestions.

IPC Student Support use the quiz function of Google Forms to ensure students read important policies.

Attendance quiz showing a paragraph of text and a quiz question underneath.

Want to ensure students read important information? Use Google Forms as a quiz to present information and confirm understanding.

In LFA, the tutor added a link to a blank Google Slide presentation on the Yorkshare site prior to the class. During class, she opened Google Slides on her mobile device and inserted pictures of the whiteboards. The pictures appear almost immediately in the vle for students to review after class. This can also be accomplished with Google Docs.

Picture of a whiteboard covered in French text on a Google Slide. There is also typewritten text on the picture.

Google Slides in the vle.

The following video was made by Tom Smith in IT Services.

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