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Blackboard Collaborate is our supported webinar (“web seminar”) platform that can be used both for synchronous teaching or student collaborations within VLE sites, and for external speakers to present without any VLE log in required. The ELDT are interested in working with those who wish to use the tool – just Contact Us.

Webinars are one of the ELDT’s key areas of support. To learn more about webinars / webconferencing in general visit our webinar pages:

  1. Webinars Homepage
  2. Webinars – Introductory FAQs
  3. Webinars – Why Run Webinars?
  4. Webinars – Choosing a Suitable Platform
  5. Webinars – Incorporating Webinars into Learning Design
  6. Webinars – Organising, Designing and Running – Coming Soon

About Webinars with Collaborate

To summarise the above video, Blackboard Collaborate allows you to:

  • Deliver presentations to remote attendees over the internet
  • Share your desktop (for example, remote software demonstrations)
  • Text-chat, audio-chat and video-chat with small or large groups
  • Use polling tools and gain real-time emoticon reactions from audience
  • Utilise full moderation options, if required
  • Use a PC or Mac for full participation, or mobile app for limited participation
  • Record sessions, including chat logs.

Case studies

E-Learning Walkthrough

Bringing Professional Expertise Into The Virtual Classroom

An exploration of Health Sciences’ use of Collaborate to enable distance learners to interact with module tutors working in professional contexts.
View Case Study

E-Learning Walkthrough

Facilitating “Hybrid” Workshops via Webinar

An exploration of Education’s use of Collaborate Ultra to enable a remote presenter and remote participants to attend a physical, on-campus workshop.
View Case Study

Collaborate Classic vs. Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard’s Collaborate platform has two main versions: Collaborate Classic and Collaborate Ultra. Classic is the older offering and Ultra the newer.

Ultra offers a smoother user experience in comparison to Classic (simpler interface, runs in-browser and works without needing to install anything) and so should be used over Classic, unless the organiser needs:

The above features are road-mapped to come to Ultra in 2018/19, except the sharing of audio files.

More About Collaborate Classic

Collaborate Classic Guides

More About Collaborate Ultra

The Collaborate Ultra interface works well for delivering presentations or having web chats with large numbers of participants (up to 250).

Collaborate Ultra Guides


Both versions of Collaborate offer a number of  features to help increase inclusivity for users with differing visual, auditory or mobility needs.

Collaborate Classic

Collaborate Ultra

Supporting Visual Impairments:

  • Screen reader support for most in-webinar tasks, via JAWS with Firefox on Windows or VoiceOver with Safari on Macs
  • PowerPoints and PDFs shared through Collaborate are screen-reader-accessible as of January 2018.

Supporting Auditory Impairments:

Supporting Motor Impairments:

Learn more: Collaborate Ultra’s Own Accessibility Pages []

Data Protection

Blackboard Collaborate is a cloud service, meaning that data it collects or generates is stored remotely, rather than on UoY servers here on campus. Blackboard house all EU Collaborate recordings and uploaded files on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers in Dublin, Ireland.

The AWS infrastructure provides very robust security, complying with numerous related accreditation schemes: