Anonymous Assignment submission

Anonymous Assignment Submission

The Anonymous assignment tool was designed ‘in house’ and integrated with Yorkshare, enabling student work to be downloaded anonymously after being submitted. The anonymous assignment tool also integrates with SITS/e-Vision and it is possible to batch upload feedback and marks which will be made visible to students via the eVision interface.

If you are planning to start using anonymous assignment submission points for the first time, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements and best practice.

Student Guides

It is important that students note that they should not submit assignments via a mobile device where possible:

Teaching staff can provide links to the below student guides within their VLE site, embed the videos into their VLE site or show the directly videos in class.

This first video covers the key considerations students need to be aware of when preparing their work for anonymous electronic submission and also highlights key aspects of the submission process and how they can impact the student:

This second video walks students through how to make a submission to an Anonymous Assignment submission point, covering what they need to click on and what to look out for when doing so:

Staff Guides

Visit our Anonymous E-Assignment Key Area.

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