4.4.3 Direct communication opportunities across tools

Direct communication opportunities across tools

All the tools outlined on this page provide opportunities for staff to communicate directly with their students using standard functionality in the Yorkshare VLE. Other third party communication tools are available.

One-way communication

Announcements tool

The standard VLE Announcements tool allows you to create a message which will remain visible to all in the site’s Announcement page and also be emailed out to everyone enrolled on the VLE site. An ideal tool for communicating updates about your VLE site, or for sharing time-sensitive information.

Considerations when using announcements

  • Announcement emails will go to everyone enrolled on the site, regardless of whether they’re staff or students
  • The emailed version of the announcement may not display content as you expect – Refer to our written guide below.

Guides – Announcements

Two-way communication

“Send Email” tool

The “Send Email” tool allows you to email a subsection of the users enrolled on your VLE site such as: all staff, all students, a certain group or manually-selected people.

Considerations when using “Send Email” tool

  • You automatically receive a copy of the email to your University inbox. Keep this email if you may require future proof that it was sent; there is no “outbox” of sent messages accessible within the VLE.
  • The email received will show as coming from your University email address (first.last@york.ac.uk) and can be replied to as normal by recipients. Replies will come into your normal University email inbox, they will not be accessible via the VLE.

Guides – “Send Email” tool

“Course Messages” tool

The Course Messages tool provides an email-like interface directly within your VLE site.

Considerations when using “Course Messages” tool

  • You will need to add a “Course Messages” tool link in your site’s lefthand menu to allow students access to the tool. See guides below.
  • Instructors receive a prompt email to their University inbox when a new course message is received. Students do not receive a prompt email, so they will need to be prompted to regularly check the Course Messages area.

Guides – “Course Messages” tool