4.4.2 Feedback opportunities across tools

Feedback opportunities across tools

All the tools outlined on this page provide opportunities for feedback, usually in the form of comments on student contributions. These tools are primarily text-based, for asynchronous communication, however there are other opportunities for synchronous collaboration, informal and formal assessment using other tools available. See 4.5 Tools for learning activities for a complete list.

Three circle venn diagram showing the overlap between blogs, discussion boards and wikis all as tools for feedback.

Three groups of text-based tools


Tools: Yorkshare Blog, Blogger, Google Docs.

Types of activity: logging activities, ongoing projects, individual reflection, reporting, single topic discussions.


Tools: Yorkshare Wiki, Google Docs, Google Sites.

Types of activity: published output, collectively owned, resource sharing, structured templates.

Discussion board

Tools: Yorkshare Discussion Board, Google Groups.

Types of activity: discussions on many topics, structured discussions, active question and answer.

Three overarching purposes

  • Simple group collaboration: use blogs or wikis.
  • Creation of a revision resource: use wikis or discussion boards.
  • Sequential development of ideas: use discussion boards or blogs.


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