York TEL Handbook: 4. Embedding online activities within a module

Brickwork (header image for Section 4 - Embedding online activities)

4. Embedding online activities

This section begins by exploring the relationship between online and face-to-face learning spaces and activities. There are activity planning templates to support development of your learning design, reiterating the importance of objective-driven learning in 4.1 and 4.2.

The tools explored in this section take the focus of student activity. For advice on resource creation tools, see Section 3. Creating resources. The guidance in 4.4 will help you choose tools and online platforms for learning with 4.5 providing overviews and case studies of use for the supported tools at York. We have also included unsupported tools that offer different forms of interaction and student-created resources.

In this section

  1. Learning objectives drive online activities
  2. Linking online and face-to-face activities
  3. Setting expectations
  4. Choosing the right tool
  5. Tools for learning activities
  6. Common problems

The text from this section is also available as a downloadable PDF, however embedded videos and other resources are only available online:

Quick checklist

Use this checklist to assist your design and development of learning activties supported by technology. If any of the items in the checklist are new to you, review the pages in this section of the Handbook.

York pedagogy

This section provides advice to support the following elements of the York Pedagogy:

  • Carefully-designed student work will enable students to make progress.
  • Students will understand the work they are expected to do and how that work will contribute to the achievement of the programme objectives.

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