3.13 Exploratory Resources

Exploratory resources

Self-paced multimedia resources

Exploratory resources provide an interactive way to explore a collection of different learning resources. They allow you as a lecturer to collect and curate files, links, videos and images and present them as showcases to students. The common format for an exploratory resource is a canvas-like online space, such as Padlet (a digital pin board) or Prezi.

On their own, such exploratory resources may not necessarily encourage engagement with the learning content and will need to involve some form of activity that connects the use of the resource to a particularl learning outcome. This may be requiring students to select one or two items presented within the exploratory resource for further study, or may require looking at the resource as a whole (such as a map-based resource) and drawing conclusions based upon contextual information.

Large collections of  material, particularly text-based material, may be better presented outside the VLE. This can be a particularly useful approach if you wish for your resources to be publicly visible or the resources have been created as part of a wider project that involve collaborators. Google Sites is one platform that allows you to create mini-websites, which you can think of as an online textbook, but with scope to add images, files and video.

Collaborative spaces

The tools and platforms used to create exploratory resources are often designed to be used collaboratively. This provides scope for learning activities that encourage students to contribute their own ideas and resources to a shared online space. The use of collaborative spaces that are visually engaging can be useful for collecting ideas for discussion or simply for students to introduce themselves.

Digital pinboards such as Padlet can be embedded within your Yorkshare VLE module sites, appearing as the first page of the site instead of Announcements if you prefer. Such approaches have been used in Languages For All modules where Padlet has been used to gather together why students decided to take the module, showing how students had similar interests and motivations.

Embedding this sort of content requires us to enable your account to do so, so contact vle-support@york.ac.uk for assistance.