3.12 Podcasts


Audio-only recordings

Podcasts, in the traditional sense, are audio recordings that are distributed through an online platform to allow an audience to listen and subscribe. Whilst the form began as a means of providing on-demand access to pre-recorded Radio broadcasts, the affordability of means to record and edit audio have considerably lowered entry-thresholds.

As such, within Higher Education, we often use the term to refer to any audio-only recording that carries a narrative to communicate or discuss a concept or set of ideas.  An instructor may wish, for example, to create a short podcast to introduce the next session, recap a complex topic, provide feedback or to summarise recent email queries. Such a recording could be uploaded and disseminated via the VLE, and signposted with an announcement.

Creating recordings

To create audio-only recordings quickly and publish these to your students you can use the Replay ‘At-Desk’ Recorder.

Otherwise, you can create your own MP3 files and upload these to Yorkshare. You can use a program such as Audacity (available on campus PCs) to make recordings.

Use the Audio option within the Build Content menu within Yorkshare to upload MP3 files. A player is embedded on the page and also plays using the Blackboard Mobile App.