3.7.4 Podcasts


Audio-only recordings

Podcasts in the traditional sense are audio recordings that are redistributed through an online platform allowing an audience to subscribe and receive the latest podcast automatically.

Within Yorkshare, we use the term podcast to refer to any audio recording that has been made available to students. You can create a short podcast to introduce the next session, recap a complex topic, provide feedback or a summary of recent email queries. When you upload a podcast, make an Announcement to let students know it is there.

Audio feedback can also be created using Replay ‘At-Desk’ Recorder to share recordings to individual students or groups.

Creating recordings

To create audio-only recordings quickly and publish these to your students you can use the Replay ‘At-Desk’ Recorder.

Otherwise, you can create your own MP3 files and upload these to Yorkshare. You can use a program such as Audacity (available on campus PCs) to make recordings.

Use the Audio option within the Build Content menu within Yorkshare to upload MP3 files. A player is embedded on the page and also plays using the Blackboard Mobile App.