York TEL Handbook: 1. Baseline use of Yorkshare

Computer screen, keyboard and mouse in a teaching room

1. Baseline use of Yorkshare

Yorkshare is the University of York’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), available at https://vle.york.ac.uk

The standard practice is that each module has its own space within Yorkshare, called a module site. This section provides a recommendation for the minimum content to be provided within Yorkshare module sites. Yorkshare module sites should reflect the needs of the module and programme, so you should discuss any baseline approach within your wider teaching team.

In this section

  1. Programme approaches and the programme context
  2. Accessibility
  3. Supporting learning
  4. Module site content
  5. Delivery and communication
  6. Module evaluation
  7. Planning ahead

The text from this section is also available as a downloadable PDF, however embedded videos and other resources are only available online:

Quick checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your use of Yorkshare aligns with baseline expectations. If any of the items in the checklist are new to you, review the pages in this section of the Handbook.

York pedagogy

Student work and programme-level thinking is core to the York Pedagogy. This section provides a baseline approach to using Yorkshare that scaffolds student work and addresses the following concepts of the York Pedagogy:

  • Every programme will have distinctive and clear objectives, and each stage of study will be designed to offer progress towards those programme objectives.
  • Carefully-designed student work will enable students to make progress.
  • The design of programmes and student work will support the students’ development as autonomous learners.

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