York TEL Handbook

York TEL Handbook (Online Textbook for Technology-Enhanced Learning)

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The York Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Handbook acts as a companion to your teaching practice, presenting approaches that are designed to improve student engagement and learning and teaching.

In the York TEL Handbook

  • Recommended approaches to using the Yorkshare Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to support campus-based courses and the York Pedagogy.
  • Good practice check lists for content creation, site design, online activities, assessment and feedback.
  • An evaluative and developmental approach to your use of Technology-Enhanced Learning.

How to use the Handbook

This Handbook is written to explain the key principles and considerations first, with detail contained in subsections and additional resources. The Handbook is not a technical manual for our supported tools, but does link out to relevant technical technical guides that can also be accessed via our Guide Search.

Throughout the Handbook there are regular boxes to indicate case studies, guides, examples and methods to develop your practice. See Using the Handbook for further details.

Provide Feedback | Acknowledgements and references


  1. Baseline use of the VLE
  2. Module site design, structure and layout
  3. Creating resources
  4. Embedding online activities within a module
  5. Facilitating online activities
  6. Assessment and feedback
  7. Evaluation and development

All pages are online and linked from the York TEL Handbook Index.

A PDF version of the York TEL Handbook is updated periodically (last updated February 2018): Complete York TEL Handbook (Third Edition) [PDF] [7.8 MB].

Beyond the Handbook, you may wish to browse our extensive library of case studies and detailed walk-throughs of technology-enhanced learning interventions.

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