Short case study: Interaction with content


Using this approach means that online resources in the VLE are designed to represent a significant part of the course. The materials can be grouped together in the form of a learning pathway, with progress along the pathway dependent on the review of specific content items and/or completion of activities to a particular standard. The course site may therefore include structured gateways to key texts with accompanying self-paced study activities, interactive tutorials with feedback, simulations and activities which foster independent learning. The course site may therefore help to structure student self-study time outside the classroom.

Case Study Overview

screenshot of Environment & Health moduleThe Environment department used Yorkshare to support formative feedback activities and provide supporting material for students on the Environment & Health module. Before and after each lecture students were required to perform a series of tasks.  Course materials were provided alongside short tests to enable students to assess their own understanding. Release of further course materials was dependent on the successful completion of each test. Students completed up to three tests before they could access all the materials and attempt the final assignment.

In this case the assignment was a short discussion of the findings of an article in relation to a study of well water. The final documents were submitted through the digital dropbox. Feedback was provided by the lecturer although no mark was awarded. Students were motivated to participate as this assignment task was a good model of an exam question and therefore an opportunity to practice and to get feedback.

Next Steps

Case study last updated: December 2008

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