Short Case Study: Evaluation using questionnaires and surveys


Could be online or paper based and used to capture student responses for data collection and analysis. Pre-course (entry) and post-course (exit) surveys may be combined to measure students’ attitudes to study methods and learning activities. An entry survey may be included as part of the course induction activities before or during the first contact session, helping to capture the learning profile of the cohort (e.g. perceived levels of IT literacy; prior experience of blended study methods) and expectations towards the study methods. The exit survey may be issued at the end of the teaching cycle but before the final assessment, inviting students to review their attitudes to blended methods in the light of their learning experience. Consequently the results from the two instruments can be compared to measure the impact of the study methods.

Case Study Overviewscreenshot of exit survey feedback

The screenshot shows an excerpt from a case study report on a Health Sciences distance learning course, which used entry and exit survey to assess students’ reception of the learning methods. The evaluation focused on the reception of online tutoring and discussion methods – enabling comparison of attitudes between the start and finish of the course as represented through responses to a 5-point Likert scale. Note the presentation of the entry and exit scores together for each question item, which can reveal shifts in attitudes based on the learning experience that students have encountered. Open questions may also be introduced in the exit survey to invite participants to elaborate on the reasons behind their responses.

Next Steps

Case study last updated: September 2012

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