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Using Mentimeter to support active and inclusive learning and teaching Short videos from staff in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Education, and Languages outlining how they are using Mentimeter to support learning and teaching. – Jan 2022

Accessible teaching and learning in the Chemistry department with interns: An interview with Julia Sarju. – Dec 2021

Learning and teaching @York in the Coronavirus Pandemic: A conversation Staff and students from across a range of Departments contributed reflections on experiences of learning and teaching under COVID in the Autumn term 2020 focusing on planning for learning and teaching, student engagment and teaching practices – Dec 2020.
The following blog posts also provide summaries of key themes:
Academic community building and the importance of social/affective aspects of learning
Inclusive learning, teaching and assessment
Active learning and experiences of synchronous and asynchronous online learning

■ The last Show and Tell on Audio and Video Feedback, featured Sally Quinn from Psychology and Bill Soden from Education. – Nov 2019

Innovating in Assessment Contributions were made from five different Departments in the Arts and Humanities Faculty focusing mainly on diversifying assessment and feedback formats and embedding employability and transferable skills – 2019

■ A range of case studies from The York Management School have been added: Inclusive practice – Mark Egan, Nov 2018.  Contemporary module options sites – Chris Purdham, Nov 2018. Active learning with voting tools – Jessica Wardman, Dec 2018. Self-test quizzes on the VLE, Jessica Wardman, 2018.

■ Our latest examples of how colleagues have used technology in their practice come from our York Tech for York Pedagogy sessions, 2018, featuring Emma Rand from Biology (Responseware), Mathilde Peron from Economics (Responseware) and Fiona Dickson from Environment (Collaborate). – July 2018

Noel Jackson used blogs and videos for group work in a first-year Electronic Design module to encourage students to track their project progress. – July 2018

■ Harry Venables from The York Management School used the Panopto At-Desk Recorder to develop curated video resources for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. – June, 2018

■ Our April 2018 Show and Tell provides useful guidance on large group teaching, from Alex Gillett, TYMS on using Google and VLE tools and Sally Quinn, Psychology, on using Mentimeter. See also Emma Rand‘s case study on using Responseware.

■ A case study by Setareh Chong, James Chong and Richard Walker on the use of Slack (a chat/discussion tool) and Google Apps in Biology for students to support each other on project work. – April 2018

From WordPress Womble to WordPress Winner – Developing students’ skills in self-promotion and professional networking with Jude Brereton, Department of Electronic Engineering. – March 2018