Case studies by discipline – Arts & Humanities

Arts & Humanities

This page presents a selection of case studies from colleagues at York along with a range of links to case studies, teaching resource repositories and networks external to the University that offer further inspiration for learning and teaching development.


York case studies

MA in TEYL Prep Course 1
(Annie Hughes)
This is a distance-based course, with this module being provided online to prepare the global cohort of learners for the year of study ahead. It also provides an introductory wiki socialisation task where the students give some information about themselves and their country and upload images and maps. Knowledge and skills are reviewed through a series of online quizzes for self-study, and discussion board activities to generate more individualised feedback from the tutors.

Whole School Issues
(Paula Mountford & Ann Gannon)
A PGCE whole cohort module for sharing school practice across disciplines with group-based discussion forums.

Research Methods in Education
(Judith Bennett)
This module includes self-assessment tests to match assigned weekly reading tasks. It also includes an online calendar and glossary. Student activity groups each have a group area for discussion, file exchange and e-mail.

Educational Studies BA Programme
(Paula Mountford & Ann Gannon)
A module for the whole BA cohort. This is mainly a resource glossary, with useful hyperlinks to many web-based educational resources including both textual and video files, although continuing discussion is also encouraged via a blog.

English and Related Studies

York case studies

Britons at Work
(Trev Broughton)
This module utilises blogs that serve a number of functions: a repository for links to useful materials that students discover; an ongoing discussion that runs across the module as a whole, forging links between topics and sessions; an arena for comments on and discussions about the course materials that aren’t accommodated by the seminars.


York case studies

Historical Perspectives
(Natasha Glaisyer)
This module is broken down into weekly themes with between-class online reading, quizzes and discussions to complete before attending the weekly face-to-face session.

Dissertation Preparation Module
(Mark Roodhouse)
This is a highly structured module, broken down into weeks, designed to scaffold the dissertation research and writing process. Specific activities and blog-writing tasks guide students through the stages of the dissertation process and aid preparation for meetings with supervisors. This site has generated a lot of interest from other departments.

Police and Thieves in Later Modern England
(Mark Roodhouse)
This module makes use of the sign-up list facility where students can choose to sign up to collaborate on particular topic-based wiki pages. These form a resource for the course in the shape of a ‘Handbook’ of dates, facts and important historical figures.

History of Art

Introduction to the History of Art
(Michael White & Cordula van Wyhe)
Interaction with an unprecedented library of artistic images via a digital image viewer, with reflective blogging after weekly visits to regional artefacts

Language and Linguistic Science

York case studies

Grammaire en contexte
(Cathy Dantec)
French language module (inc. the VLE interface) enabling students to access authentic media such as video excerpts from French TV.

History of English 1
(Ann Taylor and Susan Pintzuk)
This site utilises some specially developed interactive exercises in Flash, alongside multiple-choice quizzes, to interactively test student knowledge. A class wiki is used for groups to produce activity summaries, the best of which are transferred into a ‘Model Summaries’ wiki.