Webinars (Collaborate)

Webinars - Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is our supported webinar (online seminar) software that can be used both for synchronous teaching or student collaborations within VLE sites, and for external speakers to present without any VLE log in required. We are interested in working with those who wish to use the tool, but if you want to experiment for yourself, you can set up Collaborate within your Yorkshare VLE sites now. Guidance is available under Essential info below.

About webinars with Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate allows you to:

  • Deliver presentations remotely, including asking students to present remotely
  • Sharing desktop, for example remote software demonstrations
  • Text-chat, audio-chat and video-chat with small or large groups
  • Polling tools (Classic Only) and emoticon response from audience
  • Full moderation options, if required
  • PC or Mac for full participation, mobile app for limited participation
  • Recording of sessions

Please feel free to contact vle-support@york.ac.uk for assistance or if you would like to discuss a particular use case.

Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra runs in-browser and does not require a download. The Collaborate Ultra interface works well for delivering presentations or having web chats with large numbers of participants. Request Collaborate Ultra for your VLE site by emailing vle-support@york.ac.uk.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Interface

Use the Classic interface if you require polling or breakout room functionality.

Overview slides

Learning design with Collaborate

We have summarised nine different learning and teaching approaches using webinar tools on our blog. These were created off discussions at a conference with other learning technologists and are also explored in more detail in the slides below.


The following resources provide advice on the pedagogical aspects of using webinar tools. Some documents may refer to Elluminate which is the precursor to Collaborate. Further guides on the technical use of Collaborate can be found in the Essential Info section at the bottom of this page.

Case study

E-Learning Walkthrough

Bringing Professional Expertise Into The Virtual Classroom

An exploration of Health Sciences’ use of Collaborate to enable distance learners to interact with module tutors working in professional contexts.
View Case Study

On this site

Essential info

Collaborate Ultra

If you wish to use the Ultra interface, please request your VLE site has this enabled by emailing vle-support@york.ac.uk

Classic Collaborate

Recent posts

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