VLE Exam

E-Exam - Photo (cc) flickr.com/togawanderings/14212266277

VLE Exam is a way of providing high-stakes, summative assessment through the Yorkshare VLE. Working with IT Services, we lock down selected PC Classrooms on campus providing a limited desktop and VLE interface that allows students to complete online tests in a secure environment.

The service is scalable, enabling large cohorts to sit the same exam across multiple locations at the same time. The service can support defined response and open question items, and has been used for a variety of assessment modes, including testing for criticality and higher order thinking skills for postgraduate students. The service supports the automated marking of student responses, which can speed up the return of marks and feedback to students. Out of the box reporting tools also enable you to undertake difficulty and discrimination analyses of the question-set for an exam and identify areas for improvement.

To find out about how the service has been used, please view the following case study on examination arrangements for a postgraduate research methods module by Zoe Handley (Education).

Case study

E-Learning Walkthrough

VLE Exam

VLE Exam for summative assessment.
Dr Zoe Handley, Education
View VLE Exam Case Study

If you want to know more about how to use the VLE Exam service, please see the guidance that we have developed:

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