Supporting Digital Presentation Projects

Digital Presentation Projects

We are using the title ‘Digital Presentation Projects’ here to cover any project work that has a digitally delivered output (i.e. published online). This section does cross-over with areas we have covered more specifically elsewhere such as blog, website projects and poster projects specifically. The bias here is towards projects whose typical output is informative presentation published online and also potentially delivered face-to-face.

Learning outcomes, aside from the more discipline specific experiences gained from undertaking such a project (such as researching, developing and evidencing the theme/idea), can include communication and presentation skills as well as modelling ‘real-world’ activity (careers relevant). Students will also develop transferable skills as a consequence of having to produce and distribute digital content.

Drawing on an example from our Environment department: students taking the ‘Business and the Environment’ module attend an end of term Sustainability ‘Skills Swap’ event attended and presented at by industry representatives. As a part of the module’s Skills Swap theme students are, in groups, asked to develop a two to three minute presentation outlining their sustainable product development. Students are given relatively free rein as to the platform they choose to develop their presentation, they just need to be able to illustrate their ideas during their presentation (much as they would need to pitch/explain their ideas if working in industry).

Supporting Digital Presentation Projects

As with most project work, students will need to be apprised of the possible ways they can choose to develop their presentation. Within this it is useful to position potential solutions in terms of their strengths and weaknesses before moving on to the technicalities of using such a solution viewed through the more discipline specific lens of the project work itself.

Digital Presentation Lectures

The E-Learning Development Team have developed an overview lecture to cover the basic options students might take when approaching the development of a digital presentation. The session broadly categorises presentation styles and then briefly demonstrates tools/platforms that might address such a style decision while also explaining what that style might best support. The broad styles picked out (along with the tools/platforms touched upon) are as follows:

  • Narrated presentation (e.g. standard PowerPoint; video of narrated PowerPoint)
  • Automated, animated presentation (e.g. automated, looping PowerPoint; PowToon; video)
  • Exploratory resource (e.g. Padlet; Prezi)
  • Mini website, wiki (e.g. Google Site; WordPress)
  • Infographic (e.g. PDF poster using PowerPoint; Piktochart; SankeyMatic)

This is essentially a primer, designed to get students thinking about how they might present their message and what tools might be available to do it with. The lecture needs between half an hour and an hour (an hour slot is preferable).



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The E-Learning Development Team has also developed a further session titled ‘Telling A Story with PowerPoint’. This is a good complement to the overview session, more specifically targeted at advanced PowerPoint use. This session would again require between thirty minutes and an hour to deliver.



Coming Soon – Narrated version of this presentation.

For further information, or to arrange workshop(s) for your students, please email

Example modules with student-generated digital presentation output:

  • Business and the Environment (Environment – Fiona Dickson)
  • Student Summer Project (Social Policy and Social Work – Matt Cornock)