Student Project Work


Student project work is deemed to be work undertaken by students, typically over an extended period of time (an academic term for example) for the purpose of assessment (summative or formative), that does not simply result in the submission of a piece of written work in a typical essay format.

An example of student project work: a student group work project that results in the submission of a video file.

Supporting project work

There are many ways you can use online platforms (or software) to support students undertaking project work. In many cases it may be that use of such tools is actually an underlying learning outcome, developing student transferable skills and modelling ‘real-world’ activities for example.

The examples, information and resources linked to below, draw upon projects implemented by staff in various departments across the University of York and cover how both you and we (the E-Learning Development Team) can support students undertaking such project work.

  1. Supporting Video Projects | HitFilm Express, iMovie, OpenShot, Screencast-o-matic
  2. Supporting Audio Projects | Audacity
  3. Supporting Poster Projects | PowerPoint
  4. Supporting Digital Presentation Projects | PowerPoint, Prezi, PowToon, Padlet, Google, Piktochart, SankeyMatic
  5. Supporting Web Development Projects | WordPress
  6. Supporting Blog Development Projects | Blogger, WordPress