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Blackboard Mobile Apps

In the past there were five main mobile apps available for use with Blackboard products, allowing access to various facets of the Yorkshare VLE on the go. In order to simplify their mobile offering Blackboard have since retired a number of apps, leaving two available for use:

  • Blackboard Instructor” (formerly known as “Bb Instructor”) – For use by staff to access Yorkshare VLE
  • Blackboard” (formerly known as “Bb Student”) – For use by students to access Yorkshare VLE

It is also possible to visit the VLE through your mobile device’s web browser, without having a specific Blackboard app installed.

Current Blackboard Apps

For Students: “Blackboard” app

Icon of the "Blackboard App", a pencil on a blue square

This app for students was first released in 2015 under the name “Bb Student”, but was renamed “Blackboard” in a July 2017 update.

Important: We recommend the use of the “Courses” functionality within the Blackboard app only, and strongly suggest that all assessment activity (including actual assignment submission, the checking of due date or other assessment details, grade/feedback retrieval and test taking) is done via a web browser on a PC or a Mac as opposed to using this app on a mobile device. Our position on electronic assessment and mobile apps is outlined in our “E-Assessment and the Blackboard App” blog post.

The Blackboard app is available on iOS 9.0+ and Android 4.2+ – Click the below icons to access the relevant app store pages:

Available on the iPhone App Store     Android App on Google Play

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For Staff: “Blackboard Instructor” app

Icon of the "Blackboard Instructor" App, a planner book on an orange square

This app for staff is the newer offering from Blackboard, first released on July 20th 2017. This app was initially called “Bb Instructor” but has since been renamed to “Blackboard Instructor”.

The Blackboard Instructor app is available on iOS 9.0+ and Android 4.2+ – Click the below icons to access the relevant app store pages:

 Available on the iPhone App Store     Android App on Google Play

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Apps That Have Been Phased Out

Mobile Learn

Icon for the "Mobile Learn" App, just white text stating "Bb" on a black background

Mobile Learn was originally released in 2010 and was usable by both students and staff on iOS and Android. Students could use the app to view basic VLE site content and interact with tools such as discussion forums. Staff could do the same, but also use the app to add some basic types of new content.

  • Mobile Learn is no longer available through the app store on any mobile device, having been retired on August 1st 2017.
  • Mobile Learn will continue to function on Android devices for the foreseeable future, but will stop working on Apple devices as soon as they are updated to iOS11.
  • Mobile Learn is no longer supported by Blackboard or our team. This means that if you experience issues using this app we will not be able to assist and will instead suggest that you try one of the newer apps (see above) or a standard web browser on a PC or Mac.

Bb Grader

Icon for the "Bb Grader" App, just text stating "Bb Grader" on a white background

Bb Grader was originally released in 2014 for use by staff. It was available on iOS tablets only (not phones, nor any Android devices). Staff could use Grader to do some basic assignment grading tasks.

Blackboard Collaborate

Icon for the "Collaborate" App, two nested white chevrons, pointing right

This app was originally released in 2012 for use by both staff and students on iOS and Android. It was created to allow use of the Collaborate Classic webinar tool on mobile devices. This app couldn’t be used to access Collaborate Ultra webinar sessions, which should be accessed via mobile web browser instead.

Collaborate Classic in general is being “end of lifed” in 2020, and so this app is no longer supported at that point either. Collaborate Classic is being superseded by Collaborate Ultra. For guidance on accessing Collaborate Ultra sessions on mobile, look at our guide: Collaborate Ultra – “Attending a Session” One Pager (Mobile/Tablet Guide).

A Note: General Windows Mobile Support

The use of any Blackboard mobile apps on Windows Mobile devices is no longer supported by our team or Blackboard as of December 2019, this is due to Microsoft discontinuining Windows Mobile support themselves at the end 2019.