Mobile App for Yorkshare

Mobile devices running the Mobile Learn app

Get the app

Download the free Blackboard Mobile Learn™ mobile app to access the Yorkshare VLE on your phone or tablet:

 Available on the iPhone App Store     Android App on Google Play

  1. Install “Blackboard Mobile Learn” from your iTunes or Google Play app stores.
  2. Open the app and search for University of York.
  3. Select University of York from the list that appears. Do not select York University (that’s in Canada).
  4. Log in using the username and password you normally use to access Yorkshare.

What the app can do

The app is designed to allow you quick access to key content and to help you keep up-to-date with your modules.

  • Announcements on your device: notification dashboard (Android and iOS) and push notifications (iOS only).
  • Quick access to course content, including downloading files (additional apps may be required to open slides and PDFs).
  • Mobile interface for discussion boards and blogs, including uploading files or photos to your group.
  • Opportunity for staff to create mobile-friendly quizzes to check your understanding on the go.

Features outside the app

These features will require you to use Yorkshare in your internet browser:

  • EARL reading lists
  • Replay lecture captures
  • Assignment uploading
  • Certain types of embedded media, such as videos

8 responses to “Mobile App for Yorkshare

  1. Could the android app be put on Amazon’s app store? That way those of us with Blackberry 10 phones can get it.

    • Hi David,

      Unfortunately the app isn’t actually designed by us, it is from our VLE software provider Blackboard. All we do is buy licences for it, like we do for the desktop version of the VLE so we have no control over the app itself in terms of where it is available and on which devices.

      I’ve just checked on their help pages and it looks like their device requirements only allow the app to be used on Android 2.3.5+ and iOS7+

      I realise this is not ideal for everybody, but unfortunately it’s not something that our team control. The Blackboard Mobile team can be contacted via the link above that I sent because I’m sure they would welcome your feedback.

  2. Thanks, have asked them the question as Blackberry 10 runs android apps rigth up to latest requirements but the only easy way to load them is through the Amazon app store

  3. I searched ‘university of york’ on the Apple app store but the only relevant results were for YUSU and some of the colleges?

    • Hi Lea,
      The app itself is called Blackboard Mobile Learn, so searching for ‘Blackboard’ should bring up the app. The app is made by our VLE software provider, not the university.

      Then, when you have downloaded it, search for University of York as your school and it will allow you to log in with your usual university login details.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Theo,

      Unfortunately the app uses the same authentication system that we use for the desktop version of the VLE and other university systems, which log users out after 3 or more hours of inactivity (or if the app is closed completely and no longer running in the background). While notifications from the app still work when you are not logged in, it will ask you for your log in details if you open the app if you have not used it for a while.

      We will take this feedback on board and work with Blackboard (our VLE software provider) to see if we can change the way users are authenticated via the app but unfortunately we can’t change anything in the immediate future. Apologies that this may not be a satisfactory answer at the moment.

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