Lecture Capture

Replay Lecture Capture

Our Replay service allows you to record lectures, presentations and additional learning materials and make them available to your students through the Yorkshare VLE or by email. There are over 230 supported rooms on campus for Timetabled Lecture Capture and you can use the Replay Panopto ‘At-Desk’ Recorder on your office PC or personal device.

A university-wide policy for the recording of lectures was approved by University Senate on July 10th 2018, and came into effect at the start of the 2018-19 Academic Year.

The Programme Design and Learning Technology Team leads the Replay service, a collaboration between AV Services, Timetabling and IT Services. We’re responsible for linking captures to VLE sites, supporting staff and students with the use of the Replay Panopto platform. We also conduct research into lecture capture and how students can be supported to make the most of the lecture experience and supporting resources such as lecture capture. Research and improvements appear on our E-Learning Blog.

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