Anonymous Assignment – Specifying

Screen shot of Anon Assign decision check-list

It is important that key decisions required for implementing an anonymous electronic assignment workflow are made in consultation with everyone who will be impacted by how the workflow needs to be managed; especially administrators and markers.

A workflow, once decided upon, also needs to be clearly understood by everyone involved including students.

It is expected that any decision to use electronic anonymous assignment handling is likely to be made by a department or possibly a programme team rather than by specific module convenors (and typically in consultation with the E-Learning Development Team).

If you are an individual module convenor considering anonymous submissions, then you will need to consult closely with your administrative staff and also consider the consistency of submission processes for your students across the programme your module forms a part of.


It is strongly advised that you consult with the E-Learning Development Team when considering an E-Assignment workflow for your department or programme.

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