Key Areas

Key Areas of our Work

The Programme Design and Learning Technology Team has a number of strategic projects that we lead or are heavily involved in. In addition to our pedagogically-driven advice on the use of technologies to support learning, teaching and assessment, the following are our key areas of work:

  • COVID Teaching & Learning Contingencies – Preparing and delivering Dual Delivery in times of full or partial remote teaching and learning.
  • Digital Accessibility – How to make digital resources and sites as useable by as many as possible.
  • E-Assignment – Online submission and marking of summative and formative work.
  • E-Portfolios – Online platforms for the creation of digital portfolios.
  • Electronic Voting Systems – Electronic Voting Systems (EVS) are a means through which a presenter can conduct an electronic poll or survey in class.
  • Lecture Capture – Replay Timetabled Lecture Capture and Personal Capture using Panopto.
    • Mobile Learning – Devices and apps for learning in and out of class.
    • Student Project Work – The support we provide staff for organising student project work that includes video, audio, poster, digital presentation, web development or blog outputs.
    • Virtual Learning Environment – Management and support of Yorkshare, the institutional virtual learning environment using Blackboard Learn.
    • VLE Exam – Online tests in controlled PC Classrooms for formal examinations.
    • Webinars (Collaborate) – Information concerning designing and running online seminars (“webinars”).

Key Areas of this Website

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