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Start of Term Readiness/Induction Materials:

Key guidance for new starts! This section contains materials for new starters, new terms, and new academic years. For Spring Term 2022, we recommend taking a look at our summary blog post.

If you’re new to York and/or our Learning and Teaching systems (like the VLE, Panopto and others), take a look at our induction materials:

Additionally, if you’re teaching staff:

If you’re a departmental administrator, before the start of each term:

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Covid-Specific Support:

Both of the “Tech Help & Guidance” pages linked in the “General Support” section below contain COVID-related information. You can also visit our team’s Central COVID-19 webpage for the latest information.

General Tech and Pedagogical Support:

Click on the relevant link below to view support materials for our core Learning and Teaching Tools, such as the Yorkshare VLE (aka Blackboard), Replay (aka Panopto, Lecture Capture, At-Desk Capture), Collaborate, Padlet and more:

Our team do not support the following systems, but contact details for the teams that do support them are listed at the bottom of the above-linked pages: e:Vision and SITS; Reading Lists (aka Leganto, replacement for EARL); Timetables; TurnItIn and Academic Integrity Tutorials; Zoom.

System Outages/Upgrades/Maintenance:

Please see our “Help & Support – System Availability” page for details.